The Wines


we really want you to enjoy our wines - and therefore the list has been compiled to select a range of wines from around the world.  each wine, we believe, will offer quality and pleasure whether you are in the bar, restaurant or outside on the terrace.  people are very often surprised to learn that we offer a selection of 16 wines, including champagnes, by the glass and also have a lengthy list of half bottles.

there is ample opportunity to savour different styles offered by white wine grape varieties such as viognier, chenin, verdicchio and pinot grigio, which are a refreshing diversion to the ever popular chardonnay and sauvignon.

for the red wines, there is life after cabernet, and the svelte styles offered by pinot noir contrast to the rich pepper and spice of the syrah or shiraz, which are great partners to strong red meats and game dishes.

since 2008, the walk-in wine cellar has been home to our much cherished wine, champagne and cognac collections.

there is also a mouth-watering array of excellent champagnes, both vintage and non-vintage, as well as fine vintage red and white wines, which are offered at great value!

if there is something that catches your eye prior to your visit, please feel free to contact us to decant before your arrival, if appropriate. please note that the list is updated quicker than we can upload these updates, so wines, vintages and prices may vary on our actual list. please do contact us if there is a specific wine you are after. 

 notable wine list award from aawe were very happy to win the 2012 aa wine award  for wales and the overall wine award for the uk.  proud also to have won square meal magazine's imbibe award for the bell's wine list. for more information about this award follow the link below


the winelist is in a downloadable word document format.
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Wine List

the wine list